MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ? : Ghogomu Submit Report of talks


The Minster Director of Civil Cabinet at the Prime minister’s office who also doubles  as the chairperson of the inter-ministerial committee charged with coordinating dialogue with teachers’ trade union representatives has concluded his mission to Bamenda.

The minister declared yesterday that he had submitted his report which included 20 point to the Prime Minister for onward transmission to the President of the Republic. He made it clear that out of the 20 points in the document, the stumbling block lies in two which are Federalism and unconditional release of all those arrested , something Ghogomu says he was not mandated to discuss and truly we don’t expect ministers of education to discuss nature of the state of Cameroon within the conference hall of the north west governor’s office.

Troubling  times

The mission accomplished declaration by Paul Ghogomu sends a troubling signal to many children who have been out of school now for close to a month in Anglophone Cameroon and thousands of lay private teachers who stay without pay despite the fact that most of them end half what their colleagues in the government ends and continue to receive salary despite the strike

The teachers’ trade union has systematically politicized their mandate and goes beyond discussing educational matters to deciding the restructuring of the nation, something they clearly did not have the mandate of all the teachers they represents inasmuch as many think the government has a problem. In addition to these dilemma, the consortium which is an umbrella organization  coordinating both teachers and lawyers dialogue have declared two days ghost town with  some youths in Limbe and other towns taking to the streets to block roads, sends students out of school in some schools still operational and even beat up those caught going to school there by creating tension and instilling fear in the hearts of many as the nation looks in disbelief and uncertainty what the future holds for  Cameroon’s education.

Way Forward

The state clearly lacks a plan to manage the conflict going forward as the social media is flooded with fake news about strike, hate and some out of the country regrettably inciting Cameroonians home to carry out violent activities and activities that clearly goes against the constitution of the land and the state looks seemingly confused in the way forward as we watch our beloved country gradually descends to untold suffering just because of selected few. The action of the so called consortium I any one guess and they seem to be shifting their demands as pressure mounts on them and students and thousands of low pay lay private teachers who are out of job remains the only true victims of this  power struggle



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