Message to the “diasporans”: Don’t Deceive Cameroonians


By: Tebo Lucas

The country is gripped by English speaking teachers and lawyers over the past days. Unconfirmed reports says one person was shot in Bamenda and subsequently died but cannot independently confirm the report, but amidst the flurry of anger, violence by some officers of the law, inflammatory remarks and ” I don’t care attitude” of some government officials, some measures, however, have been  taken by government to try to resolve the issue- whether they are enough is subject to debate, one thing remain central in this whole protest, the outside influence is misleading

Why I remain a big fan of activist and Cameroonians all over the world who wants to see a better home where they can come back and contribute their skills and knowledge to help build this nation to fruition, in the same light I strongly condemn diasporans who have taken up the initiative to instigate and fuel the youths of this great nation to take to the streets while they live in their comforts abroad. It is hypocritical to sit someone in the diaspora and try to use social media or other platforms to instigate violence, strikes, or any form of rebellion back home when they will not be there to suffer the effects.

Many people don’t know about Cameroon, and because they know two or three regions of this great country, they talk about Cameroon as though they have a mastery of the triangle, our problems cannot be solved by armchair critics as the head of state once said, who stays abroad, instigate violence home, call for endless strike or even dare call for separation, people lost their lives and loved ones while they enjoy freedom in other countries where others did not run but stay and even lost their life to protect.

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There is certainly a problem or numerous problems faced by Cameroon and Cameroonians and I believe in leading by example, take to the streets in a peaceful protest and call others to follow you and strike till the government response, that is a leader, don’t run abroad, go to work normally and when you have break you posted messages online calling for indefinite protest, shaming governments and try to divide our beloved nation. Our politicians have failed us, some of our diasporans are failing us and we are in dire need of true and fervent leadership that can lead the people to achieve whatever they seek from the government in the best manner possible, keeping in mind the fact that, we are one and indivisible people. It is possible and yes we can, but what can’t as a people is to allow people who take refuge in other countries and caused waves of protests at home with secret agenda. Talk they say is cheap


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