Marafa speaks to Anglophones again: Should he really be talking?


Disgraced former minister, Marafa Amdidou yaya who is currently serving 25 years jail time at the Yaoundé maximum security prison has called on government to take teachers and lawyers’   problem seriously and all francophone community to join the Anglophones top help end the dispute.  The former minister of territorial administration and decentralization, and one time closest ally of the president of the republic encourage the Anglophones to continue “fighting” until all their grievances are met.

It is the not the first time the embattled former minister and CPDM political bureau member is contributing from his dugout at the Kondengui maximum security prison with regards the ongoing stalemate between government and teachers and lawyers representatives which has left part of the country paralyzed. Marafa’s call this time did not receive the kind of backlash his last call created online when he insisted that decentralization of the state should  be the only best way out as oppose to federalism that many are calling in the country to better safeguard and mage the Anglophone culture and identity they say. This time, he has task the head of state to listen to “his people” sit with them on a table for dialogue to solve the crisis

Analysis: Does Marafa have the moral high ground to advice Cameroonians?

 Marafa has been no doubt a controversial figure not least when he was lockup for embezzlement of state funds and he started writing letters from prison against the government he once served so faithfully and powerfully. As one of the closest confidents of the president of the  republic, Marafa  is said to have wielded enormous powers within the ranks and file of the state corridors of power, some even says he was instrumental in most major appoint of the state,  including positions of ministers and many fear him, but when he finally fell from grace and was accused, judge and found guilty of stealing state fund, the former ally of the government in power suddenly becomes arch rival and enemy writing damaging letters detailing state fraud and injustices while he was there.

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But many Cameroonians se Marafa as part of the problem not least the Anglophones. They see him as the very architect of the system which the people are fighting today, deliberate attempt to assimilate, and marginalize the Anglophone minority by the francophone majority. As minister in charge of internal affairs of the state, Marafa did very little if anything to forge Cameroon’s proud cultural and bilingual diversity going forward with fairness and equity.  The much talk about government decentralization drive which seeks to give powers to local authorities never ever kick start under his watch and he help build the system many today as see as bad

By his very own confessions, he has help to stifle democracy in the country and help maintain a  very  high level corrupt circle of ministers wand senior state functionaries who have undermine the very foundation of what the head of state stands for and the people of Cameroon as a whole.  Marafa is certainly that one man many don’t wish to hear from and has no right to teach Cameroonians moral etiquettes


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