Making fortune on peoples tears: Some diaspora shamelessly makes fortunes from Anglophone crisis with senseless GoFundMe campaigns


The coming of the “Anglophone crisis” has given birth to many activists from this part of the country especially from those taking residence abroad. Many who have railed against the government for cracking down on protesters and incarcerating trade union leaders have been campaigning so hard online to convince their followers about their different vision for the way forward in the country.

But with students haven’t missed one academic year in large numbers, thousands of people left jobless, businesses are shutting down and activities  of the week are punctuated with ghost downs, court cases on the rise and more calls for no school resumption, the people of this part of the country have rarely been worried and fearful of their children’s’ future

But as the state does all they can alongside some activists at home to ensure there is a return to normalcy, those who are calling for secession abroad have been making a fortune out of the conflict. There has been a surge of online campaign for donation for one project or another on the [popular donation site GoFundMe.

Though the accountability of these amount rose remains in the dark, and campaigners refusing to back down as the campaign intensifies at any given opportunity, the people back home can only wait and hope for the best.

All those who have been active and constantly aggressive towards the government and anyone who dares oppose them ever since the crisis started have launched an online campaign for one reason or the other. Some have monthly campaigns while others do not hesitate to go begging for much needed cash to achieve their goals amongst which includes keeping children at home for another academic year

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As the crisis enters a new phase, it’s no secret any more that the future of our children cannot be compromised and with infighting amongst the diaspora over alleged money collected and lack of accountability almost as frequent as their online GofundMe campaign, it’s all about personal interest and the focus now should be for students to go back to school come September



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