Looming health crisis: Dialysis materials run dry across the country as thousands of patients risk death


Patients at the Buea hemodialysis center have been informed that Wednesday may 24 will be the very last time thy will come to the hospital for the bi-weekly dialysis due to lack of materials. According to information obtained by tebopost, Patients at the center have been going through inadequate dialysis now for long ever since the last crisis months back with patients coming just once a week instead of the standard two days a week for dialysis and promises made by the ministry for imminent arrival of materials has not been fulfilled with some centers closed down already

The ministry of health has been telling patients that the materials and on their way and centers and other regions have been closing with hundreds of patients whose life depends on the weekly dialysis now wonder what the future holds.

It is alleged that only the Ebolowa regional dialysis center will be operational from next week and cannot sustain the entire country even if they were to be transferred there. With many Cameroonians living below the poverty line, very few can afford to dialyses at a private clinic where a session cost 75,000 FRS as oppose to the 5000 frs per session in public hospitals which is heavily subsidized by the state.

As the day goes by without immediate decision on the availability of the precious material in the country and hospitals across the regions, many patients are certainly at risk of paying the ultimate price if urgent measures are not taken to avert this potential crisis.

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It should be noted that, there are at least 10 hemo dialysis centers in the country with each region having at least one as number of kidney patients’ rise in the country.



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