Learn to fly: Government task north westerners to fly home from other parts of the country as roads remain a nightmare in the region


Finally it has come to pass. The much talk about Bamenda route opened by struggling Airline Company has been officially launched by the transport boss minister of Transport Alain Mebe Ngo’o at the Bamenda-Bafut Airport on Thursday June 20th alongside some govern elites and senior including the SDF chairman Ni John Fru Ndi

The new route which comes amidst political tension in the country has been seen by many as a political appeasement to a people who really cannot to afford to fly around. Most people living in Bamenda and around the neighboring towns and villages cannot afford three square meals as the region which has been politically punished by the government for aligning with the opposition looks totally ungoverned.

With no available roads leading to the city our out of the city m bot to mention the ones within the major towns and cities around Bamenda, any one travelling to Bamenda for the first time from any other region does not need a political analyst to tell them that that part of the country is under political siege

But as the state run airline Camair-Co which is barely struggling to survive with heavy funded subsidies makes the ultimate politically correct decision but economically damaging one to fly to a town very are certain of their next meal it is only a matter of time for the authorities of the airline and most importantly the government to realize that what the people of Bamenda wants is jobs, good roads and better living condition


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