Joshua Osih’s damming verdict on Camair-Co: “The poor are paying for the rich to fly around”


In an interview granted to CRTV’s Cameroon calling, on Sunday April 23th 2017, the SDF Vice national chairman and Member of Parliament Hon. Josua Osih reactively disappointingly over plans by the state to put in another 400 billion francs to Cameroon’s struggling airlines Camair-Co.

The SDF chieftain who has been doing business with the aviation industry for the past 25 years says the airline is not sustainable and cannot compete with other airlines. The SDF scribe lambasted at the government for perilously pouring money in the airline which makes no profit. According to Osih , government is wasting millions on an airline that is not making any profit, cannot compete with rivals just fly Cameroon’s flag in the sky.

He suggested that government should abandon the airlines which he says has mounting problems not least with is bloated staff which the MP says consists of “relatives of ministers” who no expertise and less work that helps to keep the airline permanently at a loss and encourage private sector to get into the business which they can better manage

Johua osih decry the move which he says government is squeezing out money from the tax payers to keep a company afloat that only benefits the rich, saying “you take money from buyam sellers, taxi men, cocoa farmers and coffee farmers etc. just to pay for the rich to fly around”

Coming in the wake of the company acquiring two new aircrafts that was costing the state subsidized company about 18 billion for rents, the aviation expert says, when it comes to the industry, fixed asserts only constitute about 8% of the operation and the other 92 % depends on other things which the airline currently does not have the appropriate mechanism to effectively run and generate profits.

The general manager of the airline Ernest Ndikum however dismisses the idea, saying the acquisition of the fleet and others in the pipeline will go a long way to improve on the performance of the airline and help the company in the long run, citing may measures being taking to ensure the airline is sustainable and remains competitive including reviewing the staffing situation which many has describe as bloated


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