Is it all gloomy for the Biya government? We look at areas where they excel amidst the damning verdict from citizens


Cameroon is a country abundantly rich with natural resources and man power. With most of its adult population educated and strategic position in the continent, the country is supposed to be flourishing in wealth. But the reality has been different with massive poverty, endemic corruption and institutionalize discrimination against the minority Anglophone some of the traits which has characterized the 35 year reign of president Biya
At least 70% of the population still works in agriculture. Most carry out subsistence farming where they grow enough food for their families and possibly earn a little money from cash crops

Though Cameroon’s economy has been growing steadily, jobs in the formal sectors are hard to find and unemployment is high. Even when people have work, average wages are low and the working week is normally over 50 hours, with one day off.

Nearly 280,000 Cameroonians have left the country to seek jobs abroad (according to World Bank estimates)
But amidst the economic hardship with over 40% of Cameroonians unemployed despite its rich wealth in oil, aluminum, agriculture, gas, diamond, timber and much more the irony of a people with so much yet suffering so badly could hardly be fathomed by anybody

More than a thousand reasons account for why this great nation is where it is today not least but not limited to bad governance but amidst all the dark side in the country, the government has made some strive in different sector which has made the country in stand out in the continent

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Gender balance: Cameroon is one of the top countries in the continent and indeed the world where the rights of women are respected and opportunities given to take active part in governance. With more women in key government position and over 30% of seats at the parliament held by women, Cameroons stand tall in meeting. Last week, the country’s minister of women’s affair presented a top content prize to the country’s premier for their leadership role in promoting women’s equality in the continent and at home– A plus for the statewith international standard of women representation in governance role and is role model for the continent

Education: The Biya government over the years has prioritized education of its citizens with the creation of thousand primary and secondary schools almost in every village in the country and increasing the number of state universities from one to 8.
School is compulsory for children between the ages of six and 14 years and government has also given opportunities for private universities and colleges to flourish around the country. The government introduced free primary education in 2000. Therefore, enrolment at primary level is high, at around 90% of pupils. Cameroon currently has one of the highest literacy rate in Africa and the highest in the central African sub regions as close to 80% of adult population able to read and write

Health care: Like most African countries, Cameroon’s health care system is still far from being admired with a severe shortage of medical professionals – there are fewer than two doctors for every 10,000 people – the Cameroonian health system struggles to offer a high level of care .With malaria, cholera still a major killer diseases especially for young children, much works to be done

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But the government has created thousands of health centers and hospitals all-round the country with few reference and specialized hospitals into e big cities to carter for the health of the population
The state also heavily subsidized medication and treatment of patients with rare sicknesses and diseases such as HIV, patients with kidney failure and much more which helps poor Cameroonians to live and control their problems without much financial burden


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