Jean Ping rejected Olive branch from Bongo, announces formation of new Gabon


The former allies turned enemies are far from settled following disputed elections in the oil-rich central Africa nation-Gabon. Despite the court’s ruling which declared Bongo the winner of the election and subsequent swearing in last Tuesday of the divisive leader, hs opponent and former brother in law and former AU commission head still considers himself the winner of the election and has announced the formation of new government.

He extended an invitation to political parties, trade unions, religious organizations, the diaspora and civil society in the country to be ready to play an active role in the national dialogue.

Jean Ping also declared Thursday, October 6, 2016, as a day of national mourning for those killed after the election and called on Gabonese to remain at home on that day to “contemplate, meditate and reflect”.

He appealed to the security forces to respect their professional code of conduct and avoid any human rights violation.

Ping called on the international community to sanction those guilty in the “electoral coup” and also called on rights groups including the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the “murders, disappearances and violations of human rights perpetrated in the country since 31 August 2016”.
After he was sworn in on Tuesday, President Ali Bongo appointed foreign minister, Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet as the new prime minister tasked to form an inclusive government which will be announced on Sunday., a move Ping has outrightly rejected.

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