In dire need of attention? Trump’s Iranian attack help fueled propaganda back home as “Amba” activists go off again


Anti-government activists have been basking and flourishing over the attack Trump delivered against one of his favorite targets Iran even though the US strong man was not referencing them by any stretch of his imagination.

In his first address at the world body- UN, The US president gave a defining speech that helps to give a clear vision about his foreign policy which seeks to put his American first policy strongly on the world stage

His Tuesday September 19 address which analysts say as filled with “substance ad bombast indeed gave a blueprint of global Trumpeesim. Top aide to the US President Nicki Halley who doubles as the country’s UN ambassador had said the president will “hug the right people and slap the wrong ones” and indeed that was very much the line of his UN speech

Trump went blazing against soft targets like North Korea and Iran accusing the latter of sponsoring terrorism around the world, condemned the nuclear deal and sign during Obama’s era and labeled it as “worst deal ever” while making no secret of the fact that the US will “destroy” the former if “rocket man Kim” continues on his “suicide mission” while touching Venezuela along the way. He also thanked an praised their allies before bemoaning the fact that the US unfairly pays over 20% of the organizations budget of over 190 countries

But as Trump’s speech touches every angle of the world from beaches in Europe to deserts in the Middle East, the story line which caught the attention of many at home was the attack against Iran

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The president pounce on the regime for jailing political reformers, beat up student protesters and cutting-off the internet in an allegation that mirrors recent developments at home

He reprimanded the Iranian government for what he termed operating an “authoritarian state” behind the disguise of makeshift democracy in what many anti-Biya protesters at home will find comfort and striking alignment with as they continues to label simila5r accusations against the government home

It was not surprising that the “Ambazonian movement which strive on social media propaganda were quick to take Presidents Trump speech out of context and brandished it on social media that the Republican was sending a message to Yaoundé authorities even though the country was never mentioned in the 41 minutes speech

It is no surprise that the anti-Biya movement are indeed in dire need of any kind of endorsement from major world power and it doesn’t get bigger than the United States as they seek to win foreign support to achieve their goals at home.

For a movement that has taken glory on almost everything including natural and mam made disasters at home, even from events of no major impacts to touts their successes, it doesn’t really surprises many to see their army of social media information soldiers wielded Trump’s speech out of context to suit their propaganda

But as different information about the UN keeps making headlining news with their revered leader still to be seen in new York, perhaps there is need for all to wait and listen to the most important speech at the UN for Cameroonians when President Biya takes the floor to deliver his keynote 15 minutes speech to the world body. Just perhaps we all might have the right thing to write home about this time

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