Hon. Wirba attempts to revive a “struggle in coma”: Maintains sealed lips for long but let his pen lose as he goes international


The SDF firebrand and Member of Parliament for the Jakiri special constituency has been making headlines again and for reasons that will certainly cause headache to the authorities of Yaoundé

After the opposition MP became popular when he took the Anglophone case to parliament in December in a rare show of parliamentary defiance in the CPDM controlled parliament, the north westerners has ever since been adored at home by many who see him as their hero.

Wirba’s offensive which made him an “enemy of the ruling class” went on to force the defiant law maker to take refuge abroad momentarily for the fear of being arrested by the government before returning to the country again in what many now term “Wirba part 2” as he continued with his defiance and increasing call for the government to listen to the people and dialogue with them with the chance for them to make their mow decisions concerning their future

After having received a heroic welcome from his base and people of his constituency for a job well done at the end of June parliamentary proceedings, the SDF parliamentarian has been quiet and out of public eye.

But amidst massive political developments at home and abroad, the MP known for his fierce and defiant attack against the government whenever an opportunity presence itself has maintained a sealed lips but his pen has been far from quiet as h takes his case to the UN

The Jakiri MP petition the Cameroon government at the United Nations, detailing the history of the country before moving on to accused the government for mounting human rights violations, systemic marginalization of the Anglophone minority and unlawful killings of the people of “southern Cameroon” during protests

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Whenever Wirba speaks the government has sleepless nights and this time was certainly no different as the MP took his case directly to the world body probably to the chagrin of the Yaoundé authorities.

Taking into account the MP political cloud at home and voice abroad, the Nso warrior can break many boundaries with his  pen, making statements and sending messages to offices where separationist leaders have failed to conquer, leaving them content themselves with low-level town officials in Europe and US and  for meetings to explain their plights

As the momentum gradually winds down at home with the release of some arrested detainees in August and schools gradually returning back to normal, even the ardent supporters of no school and secessionist who had terrorized online have started shifting stance as they come to terms with realities abroad after multiple diplomatic moves  and Wirba moves is seen an attempt to revive a movement in free fall in terms of momentum as the people at home are wary of further escalations and wants their kids to go back to school



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