“His whole idea is confusing”: top Anglophone blogger and CEO of TNN gives why he won’t blog about Julius Ayuk TAbe


It’s difficult to go through your social media pages these days without news about the now famous Mr Julius Arrye Tabe who prides himself as the leader of the “ambazonian” movement. The Cameroonian expatriate who has enjoyed favorable ratings within the social media ranks as his followers, supporter and sympathizers trailed his every move as he flies to one foreign capital to another to drump support for his course has so far been huge talking point.

But despite the Sessekou’s  near omnipotence on the English speaking section of Cameroonian social media space, aided by his army of social media bullies who have made threats a new norm, one of the country’s top bloggers and founder and CEO of tahnewsnetwork.com, Mr Tah Mai  told Tebopost that he is not going to blog about the much heralded Tabe

The online news network which boost tens of thousands of monthly readers in this part of the country has never published a story of the self-acclaimed leader on their site, according our online tracking tool.

Talking to Tebopost, the Founding CEO says the reasons TNN chooses to snub Julius Tabe is because “Our editorial policy focuses on developmental journalism and in journalism there is nothing like negative publicity”  saying his whole idea is quite “confusing” and blogging about him for whatever reason will shun undeserved light to the man who is revered by many at home.

Squeezed if his much cherished news network acknowledges any existence of what is now known  as the Anglophone problem, the TNN boss said “if the head of state in his end of year speech can the Anglophone problem the network do acknowledge that there is an Anglophone problem”, but however he continued “ the news network must stay within its editorial policy

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It should be noted that, almost all the blogs in the English speaking regions of Cameroon have been carrying lead stories about the Sessekou as he is fondly called by his supporters and a report of Mr Julius Tabe’s  haven’t been snubbed by the Queen days back by Tebopost received massive clash from his fans and supporters.



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