GHOST TOWN QUANDARY: Limbe Denizens stunned as many flout


Today January 16th 2017 marks the first of two days declared by the consortium as operation “ghost town” and while many towns and village in the south west and northwest regions respected the call and closed all businesses and transportation, the population of seaside resort city of Limbe once again defiled the consortium as the town of friendship as it is fondly called was busy with activities to the astonishment of some onlookers.

Many had wondered if the petroleum town will respect the ghost town since they were one of the very few towns to have neglected the call from the consortium fighting for Anglophone Cameroonians the last time it was declared o January 9th 2016 and had taken to social media to make the clarion call for the town to join their brothers and sisters to protest what they term Anglophone marginalization as teachers and lawyers enter another round of strike.

Reports from the town says some schools were even operational and transportation within the touristic hub was very much present as many now wonder what tomorrow might bring.

It should be noted that, Limbe is one of the few towns in the Anglophone regions which was largely unaffected by the teachers strike actions last year as, many schools were operational while schools in other major towns and villages had to shut town weeks ago before the Christmas break

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