Ghost town looms: The Dos and Don’ts


After the last meeting held by the government and teachers representatives in a bit to find lasting solutions to the ongoing impasse which have kept schools in south west and northwest closed for a month now failed, the body responsible for dialogue-Cameroon Anglophone civil society consortium declared in a press release a two day ghost town in solidarity with the striking teachers.

Coming just a week after another ghost town was recommended by the same consortium with 100% success, there is the need to review the things to be done and the ones we should not be doing during that period

The Dos

  • During ghost town, stock your house with enough food stuff before time because stores and markets might not be open
  • Ensure you can account for all your children at any given time, in order words they should stay at home
  • The population must avoid confrontation or inciting forces of law and order
  • Respect all those who do not wish to respect the ghost town it’s their rights and no law says everyone must respect the ghost town
  • Read some nice novels, watch some good movies or engage in any hobby that will keep you out of trouble


The Don’ts

  • Don’t incite the police and other forces of law and order or any other person for that matter
  • Do not stop or attempt to stop or insult or incite those who think they do not want to respect the ghost town and wish to go about their normal duty, it’s their constitutional right
  • Please don’t share any information on social media which promotes violence or whose source you cannot identify with and defend
  • Don’t burn tires on the streets.
  • Don’t destroy private or public properties
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