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Lionesses lose with honor.

The 10th edition of the 2016 women AFCON ended on Sunday with the super falcons of Nigeria crowned champions of the continent for the 8th time to confirm their supremacy in the competition.1:0 defeats to host Cameroon left the lioness in shocking disbelief as they were seen as red hot favorites to the trophy. Despite Cameroon’s dominance in the game, the Nigerians scored in their only opportunity of the match in the 85th minutes to destroy the party of the Lionesses in front of the darling fans who had turn out to fill the 45,000Amadou Ahidjo stadium in the nation’s political capital Yaoundé.

But in a country considered as a powerhouse of African football, the sports has been marred by the crisis of management and poor performances especially from the male team who are yet to win any trophy in 14 years, leaving the nation to turn to the ladies who have been making the nation proud with standout performances. They went to the finals undefeated and without conceding a single goal boasting the best defense of the tournaments and despite the loss to the Nigerians .The lionesses certainly lose the trophy but not the support of over 20 million Cameroonians as they remain proud of their beloved girls.

Italian Prime minister Renzi to resign after referendum defeat

The woes of Italy continue as results of the December 4 Referendum to change the country’s constitution gave a massive defeat to Prime Minister Mateo Renzi who had said he will resign if he loses. The sweeping constitutional reforms which was aimed at given the Prime minister more powers and reduce the powers of the senate in order to enable the government carry out reforms to improve the struggling economy of EU’s third biggest economy, saw 70% of voters voted against the constitutional amendments while only 30% voted for the reforms.

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Seen by many as the rise of populous movements sweeping across the EU, many experts had criticized Renzi’s decision to put his job on the line, calling it a big gamble by the premier. With over 70% turnouts in the referendum, the results ultimately gave a political death sentence to the Italian premier and Italian economic problems are certainly far from over.

Strike action by teachers enter week 3

It has been a tense standoff between the striking teachers of the English speaking part of Cameroon and the government after the former joins the lawyers two weeks ago to protest among other things assimilation of Anglophone system of education. Despite reports last week of police brutality in the town of Buea and Bamenda two weeks ago, denial by some government officials that there exists any problem, meetings and private negotiations between some top government officials and striking workers, massive online support from Cameroonians in diaspora who have taken to the streets in different western cities to voice their support, main opposition part-SDF throwing its weight behind the disgruntled people, the situation seem far from over as the representative of the teachers issued a communiqué over the week end announcing their strike action will continue.

The strike which has paralyze schools and courts in the west of the Mungo, the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon seem poised to continue as streets in Buea and Bamenda looks deserted in the early hours of Monday morning. The representatives say if the government does not meet all their demands, they strike action will continue indefinitely. Last week, the US state department issued a statement calling for restraint and asks the government to respect the rule of law and the constitutional rights of all citizens to peaceful protest I the country.

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Adama Barrow ends Jammeh 22 years reign in Gambia

President-elect Adama Barrow himself could not have dreamed he would be president of Gambia after the Dec polls. The former security guard in London and property developer succeeded to gather opposition parties behind him in a desperate attempt to oust long time authoritarian leader Yahya Jammeh who came to power in 1994 in a bloodless coup and have since then remain in-charge in the small west African nation which is a touristic hub in the continent thanks to its beautiful beaches.

In a shocking results to the ruling party who had said before the elections “nothing will change” as “it was not the first time voting is taking place in the country”, Jammeh also warned citizens before the elections not to dare to the streets after the results.The Gambian leader however in a surprise show of statesmanship, put his country first and conceded defeat. “I will help him work towards the transition,” Mr. Jammeh said on state TV on Friday evening, after speaking to the president-elect by telephone.



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