GCE O/levels results are out and are neither better: Disastrous results still gives valuable lessons to all


The results of the general certificate of Education GCE have finally been released, days after the GCEA/levels and Technical exams were releases in an unprecedented move.

The delay in releasing the results have stirred speculations online of supposed tussle between the board char Monono and the minister of secondary education whom many say was advocating for further moderation of the exams to increase the number of successful students, a move reports says was opposed by the board chair.

But as the country wakes up to another expected embarrassing results of the 25.29% pass with a total of 11,770 students declared successful out of 45,532 who took the exams and 80,212 did register before the crisis

The results marks a sharp contrast from last year as all results organized by the board have been on free fall this year following the Anglophone crisis which kept students put of school for the better part of the year

But as the country struggle to contain the results with many parents and students preparing to go through another year in same class not to talk of the psychological impact the poor results must have caused to students whom otherwise could have succeed the exams, there are stack =and valuable lessons for all to draw from the unimpressive results

Firstly, the dangerous results put the entire country on notice as the future of Thousands of young Cameroonians are at stake and future of many been caught in a dangerous politics escalation with no end in sight

Secondly, the results helps solidify the fact that indeed there was never a “blank academic year” in Cameroon as was brandished by some activist on social media, meaning someone have been telling lies to the people and children of this country to foster a hidden motive

The result also proves that the GCE board despite being faced with an existential crisis with mounting pressure from both sides has successfully protect the integrity of the board, refusing to reduce the standards, remain apolitical to satisfy any particular party and once again makes the educational system a very proud one

And finally, the results of the GCE no matter how dangerous, tells of one thing, that many young people are eager to go to school, wants to study and can do that on their own even without class time just to get educated



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