GCE 2017 results: Statistics are frightening for the future of the country


The General certificates of education Advance levels and Technical were released on Friday 12 August by the Buea based board in an extraordinary occasion. Though members of the board made the results available online through the, ministry of secondary education and by their usual SMS inquiry, it is the way the results were released in batches that has caused a stir

The result which were written amidst the ongoing crisis which has paralyzed the educational system of the English speaking part of the country for the better part of 2016/17 academic year and is threatening to disrupt this new academic year produces some of the worst statistics so far in the history of the board

TheWith the Advance levels recording a percentage pass of 35.2 and the GCE technical standing at 22.6, the statistics shows that only over 11000 students will be eligible to enter into the university this year from this subsystem of education.

With a frightening rate of failure due to no class time and lack of schools for the better part of last year, the government now battles the arduous task of accommodating the thousands of students who are to sit in the same class for yet another year as the new academic year which is about to begin
With a drastic drop of over 29000 who passed last year to just over 11000 this year, the future of our educational system is threatened and an urgent action must be taken to ensure the right thing is done by resuming school while we continue dialogue to resolve our country’s political differences


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