Gambians Jammeh slams ECOWAS, says he won’t be “intimidated” by bias blog


 In his first public statement since December 9th when he unilaterally annulled the results he lost and earlier conceded defeat, the defiant Gambian dictator  Yayah Jammeh has made it categorically clear that  he will not leave p[were except it is the will of the Gambians people as he continues his narrative that the election was marred by  fraud despite calls from international community and regional blog ECOWAS for him to step down and hand over power to his rival who is widely seen as the legitimate winner of the December polls.

The Gambian strongman has slammed mediators from ECOWAS as “biased” and says he will not be cheated or intimidated. He says despite their inconclusive meeting in Banjul-Gambian Capital, they still went ahead in Abuja-capital of Nigeria and decided to recognize the December 1 polls Whig declared his rival the winner.

“The interesting thing, the ECOWAS team came here and I explained to them, gave them the documents to that effect and why I decided to reverse my earlier acceptance to non acceptance based on the facts.

“I will not cheat but I will not be cheated. Justice must be done and the only way justice can be done is to reorganize elections … ECOWAS came here and in fact there is one sacrosanct principle of the ECOWAS charter that is the non interference in the internal affairs of member states, which in this case has been violated,” Jammeh protested

“They (ECOWAS) came, they met with me first and went to meet the other side. They came back and said: Well (yes) despite all what you said, the results they announced are the will of the Gambian people,” he continued, “I said how the hell do you know this is the will of the Gambian people”

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Jammeh also stated that he had information to the effect that there are ECOWAS members who disagree with this position taken in Abuja. He charged ECOWAS to enforce the election results for him to see, “what are they waiting for?” he asked before adding, “I will not be intimidated by any power in this world.

“I want to make sure that justice is done, I am a man of peace but I cannot also be a coward. My rights cannot be violated and intimidated to a point where I succumb to blackmail, I will never do that,” Jammeh stressed.

Citing intimidation of supporters of the ruling party and the calculated skewing of electoral regulations to favor the opposition, Jammeh said, “We rejected the results and i reject the results until today.”

“What we are asking for is to go back to the electorate under a completely independent electoral commission that will supervise the elections as we used to do before without having any problems, and allow every Gambian to vote,” he added.



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