Fru Ndi fires back at his critics: Calling them “ingrates…who cannot operate a gun yet calling for war”


The national chairman of the main opposition party in the country-the SDF has poured out venom  to his critics who say he has align with the government policies and failing to take more aggressive stance with regards to the Anglophone problem like party comrade Hon, Wirba Joseph.

The national chairman who is arguably Cameroon’s most revered politician has been under the radar ever since the start of the crisis with any saying the Natarinkon landlord has failed to use his massive political cloud ad leverage to fierce the Biya government to swiftly meet the demands of the people.

But in a fierce response to his critics especially those who are taking residence brood, the SDF scribe  says most of the attack is coming from people he has “toiled for” before adding that they are “ingrates”.

The political heavyweight also lashed out at the abroad based critics who are calling for war at home and castigated them for failing to fell the plights of the people with their ceaseless calls for ghost towns and no return to school despite the untold suffering it is causing back home to the people saying

“How can someone sit abroad and orders for schools not to go, for businesses to remain closed, when he does not know the pains the people have gone through for the past eight months….? The so called generals (who are calling for war) cannot even operate a gun but you hear them calling for war…..”

It should be recalled that, the chairman and founder of SDF has been one of the lead campaigners pressuring the government to dialogue with the people and even led his party to unity and protest march in the major striking towns of Buea and Bamenda went the strike just started last year in December.

He even led his party to boycott the national day celebrations on 20th of May 2017 in solidarity for those who lost their lives and properties during the strike and also called down the celebration of his party 27 anniversary to honor victims and send a strong message to the government.


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