From Muyuka to Bafousam and then Douala; the week end of grief in the country


Cameroonians wake up Saturday to shocking images at Mile 29 around the Muyuka municipality as a Truck reportedly carrying chocolate suffered from failed brakes a crushed an incoming 18 seater bus killing almost everybody on board

The chilling incident which sent shock waves in the hearts of the population all around the country let to thousands of Cameroonians online to pay their last respect and offer messages of condolences to briefed family.

Burt just as news of the Muyuka deadly accidents is still reverberating around the country; another ghastly motor accident took place early Sunday 20th August 2017 along Bafousanm-Yaounde highway with reports saying many too are feared death.

The accident which took place at road national number 4 came a little bit earlier before the one which took place in the nation’s economic capital Douala where a truck crushed a taxi killing all passengers in the heart of the city (Around Ndokoti) after it attempted to miss a motor bike

The spades of accidents marks a sad and grieving week end for the country as the entire nations mourns and wish the best for the survival and their families.

The government is yet to make any official statements with regards to these accidents buy the time of putting this piece.


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