Frightening prospect: Anglophone crisis continues to bite; some banks have started laying off staff


The 8 months old Anglophone crisis which has caused untold economic damage and loss of lives in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon is far from over. While all parties concern continue to say dialogue is the best and only way forward, sitting on the negotiation tables still seems a pipe dream as the government continues to run actives in a pre-crisis deja vus.

But with the two regions basically surviving hugely on schools and schools still in shut down with no end in sight the economic situation has been worsening every single day, thousands of workers in private and religious institutions have lost their jobs, businesses in a student empowered towns like Molyko and so too are other companies dropping their workers in a country where unemployment is already are alarming level,, the future could only mean one word-frightful

The latest sector the join the layoff team are the banks with reports saying ECOBANK has layoff some its workers due to the crisis which continues to hit all businesses in that part of the country and micro finances have started shutting down.

Our sources also say some customers were restricted from withdrawing huge amounts of money as one of the nation’s biggest banks feels the pinch of the crisis among other sectors .
AS the economic sector is gradually but surely being affected fully with the cash crunch with is leaving many families hungry


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