Fresh protests begin in Congo DRC as kabila hangs on to power


Reports from the democratic republic of Congo say there have been fresh anti Kabila protest, calling for the Congo leader to step down after his mandate expired last night. Kabila who came to power in 2001 after the assassination of his father, then president of the country has received stiff resistance of the Congolese as he attempts to clinch to power despite the constitutional limit which forbids him from doing so. Following marathon rounds of talks months ago to end the stalemate with leaders including the Roman catholic church in the country calling on the president to step down, while elections were said to be organized in April 2017 to choose the new leader

But as hi mandate expired last night reports say Gunfire could be heard in several districts of Kinshasa early Tuesday as demonstrators demanded that Kabila steps down after his mandate expired at midnight. According to Africa news

Kabila chief diplomat had stated that the president will remain in office after his mandate expired till elections are held in April to avoid chaos in the country, a mover many seem to totally be at odds with as protests are expected across the country in the busy Christmas season.

“If for any reason, the president yielded to the pressure, as he is being asked to do, and I do not see that he is going to yield to any pressure, if he resigned or anything else, he would then be violating the constitution and he could then be put on trial because he would plunge the country into an indescribable chaos,” Barnabe Kikaya, chief diplomat to DR Congo president said.

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The constitutional court meanwhile and some opposition leaders have called on the president to stay till elections while the international community has call on him to leave power so as to avoid destabilizing the nation and bringing back civil war.


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