“For those who don’t want to sleep at night…” Why everything is wrong with this MTN Promo


Cameroon largest telecom giant MTN Cameroon has caused massive controversy with their latest promo. The promo which is supposed to inform customers about endless calls in the night from midnight till 5:00 am was largely received with mixed feelings.

The telecom giant started the message by saying that “For those who do not want to sleep at night, your calls to MTN are free from 10Pm 5am… ” only to add 99 frs at the end of the message as subscription fee.
The promo which is not only misleading in terms of the costing also sounds harsh and insulting to MTN customers who might wish to make use of the service. Many any have railed the tone of the message; the editor in chief of Tebopost Mbah Lucas tweeted earlier saying it’s a classic example of a terrible promo. His criticism was swiftly followed by a barrage of messages criticizing the art.

The real problem of the ad is not the fact that the pricing is misleading but the very fact that it sounds insulting and degrading to the customers and it will be of MTN’s interest to pull back the ads and apologies to its millions of customers in the country.


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