Flying for profit or politics: Camair-co’s new Bamenda route epitomizes the company’s long history of failure


Authorities of Cameroon’s lone airline Carrier Camair-Co and those of Norh west region of Cameroon have been busy lately ahead of the company’s inaugural flight to the city of stars.

The crisis hit airline which basically runs on tax payers’ money and has never really hit the ground running ever since it was privatized with the company having been rocked by multiple scandals. While flying Camair-co planes to Bamenda, Cameroon’s 3rd largest city might be seen as long overdue the reality remains and the timing could not be less telling.

The long abandoned Bafut airport which is supposed to be hosting ground for the flights have been quickly refurbished and everything is reportedly ready to welcome the company’s planes to the region many say have been abandoned and neglected because of their historic alignment with the country’s chief opposition party -SDF

From the look of things, the Bamenda airport is virtually set to receive Camair-Co’s inaugural flight on July 20, 2017. The Director of the Airport’s management Cooporation (ADC), Angu Anyangwe Richard and the civil aviation team leader, Mukete Simon told the visiting Governor of the North-West Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and the General Manager of Camair-Co, Ernest Dikoum on July 12, 2017 that the Control Tower is good for use and waiting for Camair-Co. They sounded off about the airport’s Firefighting Brigade with good and enough equipment Cameroon tribune reports on the visiting delegation to Bamenda to observe the state o readiness for the maiden flight

With no available data to convince Cameroonians of the need of the company they currently keep afloat to be running Bamenda airways apart from the current political ones, the cash trap carrier which has never made profit is certainly given more reasons why is has been a failed company from the start.

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In April 2017, Hon. Joshua Osih of the SDF condemned government efforts to put 400 billion into the company which he says makes no profit  and drains tax payers’ money. He had suggested that government should abandon the airlines which he says has mounting problems not least with is bloated staff which the MP says consists of “relatives of ministers” who no expertise and less work that helps to keep the airline permanently at a loss and encourage private sector to get into the business which they can better manage

Johua osih decried then the move which he says government is squeezing out money from the tax payers to keep a company afloat that only benefits the rich, saying “you take money from buyam sellers, taxi men, cocoa farmers and coffee farmers etc. just to pay for the rich to fly around”

Coming in the wake of the company acquiring two new aircrafts that was costing the state subsidized company about 18 billion for rents, aviation expert says, when it comes to the industry, fixed asserts only constitute about 8% of the operation and the other 92 % depends on other things which the airline currently does not have the appropriate mechanism to effectively run and generate profits.

 The opening of new route to Bamenda which will certainly not make profits, risk the cash trap company to fly empty planes to the city of Bamenda just to satisfy political nerves at the expense of tax payers and companies survival, the tax payers who don’t even benefits from the services of the airlines company in the first place

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