Finally there is a common ground; school resumption is no negotiable


After more than 8 months of stalemate in what has now been known as the Anglophone problem, the owners of private and mission schools have embark on a aggressive marketing campaign to win back their students who have been out of school for the better part of last academic year.

Both parents and school owners have all come to terms to the fact that despite political grievances, the lives and future of innocent students whose view were not consulted could not be jeopardize for political gains.

Apart from the massive economic impact the crisis has caused in the country especially within the two English regions of Cameroon who heavily rely on education for its survival and the social impact has equally been injurious.

While those who can afford did not waste time to transfer their kids to other parts of the country where school was I full swing as there was a massive and unprecedented academic migration from North west and South West to other regions, the very poor who couldn’t afford the bills could only sit at home and watch their children involve in unfaltering social activities while many had lost jobs and businesses were dwindling and could only but pray and  hope for an immediate end to a conflict most do not know very much about its substance

As the Presbyterians and the Catholic associations of bishops in these two regions (BAPEC) who once gave a damming verdict to the government last December now decides to instruct their educational secretaries to resume school come September, the young Cameroonians can once again fully enjoy their universal and inherent rights which is to go to school irrespective of what politicians think.

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Schools have embark on aggressive back to school campaigns around the south west and holiday classes s never been necessary as stakeholders wish to catch up and prepare kids and students to the next class despite a “blank” year

And while there still remains mounting grievances to be settled, those talks should be going with alongside children in school


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