Finally Ekema got an ally: Party comrade Tabot Bakia defends the mayor and blames Monono for singling out Ekema out of 94


The Registrar of the Cameroon GCE board Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono has been blamed for rumour of fake certificate surrounding the boss of the Buea municipality Ekema Patrick, The section president of CPDM Meme 1A Tabot Bakia castigated the Registrar of the Cameroons GCE board for publishing the results of the Lord Mayor of Buea.

“I want to blame full-heartedly the Registrar of the GCE board for those publications” m adding that  “And I want to tell him that he, himself is not a just man. Why did he not publish those other 93 persons? It is not only Ekema why did he choose only Ekema? I believe that it is not just Ekema, but these are people that want to destroy the good and proper image that madam Njeuma and other Vice Chancellors have created for the University of Buea.

leave Ekema alone and keep the good image of UB; that is my advice to the population” Tabot Bakia bemoans. Although he failed to made public the nmes of the other 93 individuals concern with alleged fraud, our sources say they Are top government officials who holds senior positions all over the country.

Tabot Bakia says people should understand that Ekema did not become Mayor based on his certificate and so must react Wisely. He made his pronouncement during the CPDM Section conference in Mbonge

The question that remainss now in everybody’s mind is m who are the other 93?

Credits: Tah Javis News network


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  1. what a fool. He is not denying that Ekema never passed O and A levels. cpdm will always be cpdm. they all hate transparency. He is not denying that Ekema is fake. When dem catch tiff man, e no want die ye one.

  2. Fotoh Paul Ebong on

    If cpdm chief say in no fine for show tiefman i lass, then it is not a surprise because the whole party na only tief people di stay comfortable for inside. No straight and just person would like to be part of cpdm. ” when you catch tief man on the act, he will always say something: for example – no be me, no be me be the cause, na ma mamy/papa etc no teach me good fashion” some even say ” na man just takeam, my heart no be want for take man i thing”.

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