False narrative exposed: Blank school year campaigners now calling for GCE Boycott


For the better part of the ongoing Anglophone crisis, many activists have been taking much radical stands and tone especially online. Many have been spreading false and unsubstantiated information that has misled the public terribly in an effort to mount pressure on the government

One of that false information has been the multiple declarations by some online activists of blank school year in Cameroon. These activists have trumpeted that the school year has already been declared blank by the UN body in charge of monitoring and ensuring effective education UNESCO though that agency’s representative in the country said it’s the responsobility of the government in any country to do so.

But as they continue to power through their fabricated narrative in the minds of many, despite government calls for parents to send their children to school and maximum security assurance given to them, the population has largely decided to side with those who continue criticise the government, and now that end of year exams are imminent, some schools are struggling to do catch up while those same people who on many occasions touted that school has been blank even without any evidence, are now surprisingly calling for boycott of same exams which is supposedly unrecognized at least by their understanding.

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  1. This is absolute nonsense. Your words don’t add up. What has been exposed???? Can someone write the GCE without classes????

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