Did Prof. Ngole Ngole just dethrone Antanga Nji as liar-in-chief with this bombshell?


Minister of Special duties at the presidency came to limelight last December for all the wrong reasons when he stated on multiple occasions during interviews with state broadcaster CRTV that there is no anglophone problem.

The minister who originanated from North West region, bedrock of protest over what they term massive and institutional marginalsiation by the francophone majority over the anglophone minority in what has cumulated in whet is today known as the anglophone problem made those deceitful statements to the chagrined fellow Cameroonians especially those from the English-speaking expression.

But as Atanga Nji became famous for carrying out an unfancied publicity stunt, the people saw him as a selfish and dishonest minister who cares only about his position and went ahead to declare him person non-grata in the city of Bamenda.  But as Atanga’s boss the president of the republic humiliated his minister when he acknowledges the existence of an anglophone problem in his new year message to Cameroonian on the 31st f December 2016 and call for dialogue, all government minsters and advisers have followed suit in acknowledging there is a problem

But during cross vies on CRTV’s Cameroon calling this morning Sunday 16h June,  former minister and CPDM bigwig  and chief propagandist Prof. Elvis Ngole  Ngole  says the people  of the crisis hit regions of North West and South West are living their “normal” lives in a statement many as  out of place in regions where students have been out of school for the entire calendar year, businesses have shut down, workers lost their jobs and weekly activities are punctuated by frequent ghost towns, live in these two regions is certainly anything but normal

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And as SDF’s Mbah Ndam decried the former forestry minster’s statement of apparent “normalcy” in the two regions which he says his native town of Batibo currently suffers from frequent ghost towns and other economic crisis due to the ongoing stalemate, chastising him of being out of touch with lives or ordinary Cameroonians despite being and anglophone himself with his home town hard-hit, the political scientist struggled to swallow his gaffe as he beats round aimlessly

It is views of politicians like Ngle Ngole that certainly makes Cameroon backward and retards any efforts to solve basic problems in the country as most government functionaries like him seems to be completely out of touch with realities in the country around as they live in their comforts in the nation’s capital and consequently always gives wrong and inappropriate report to hierarchy either for political gains or for economic benefts.

This latest political blunder from the party scribe certainly puts him apar with Atanga Nji and derails efforts aim at ensuring a peaceful and negotiated settlement of this ongoing crisis


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