Did President Biya just hint the main theme of his much awaited Dec 31st speech in a tweet?


As the nation’s hold its breath, the country will watch the president’s traditional annual new year message like never before. The 2016 rendezvous which is a tradition for the president to address a wide range of issues and take stock of the year, comes amidst political turmoil in the English speaking part of Cameroon as teachers and lawyers continue months of strike actions and all attempts to remedy the situation through dialogue has failed and demand list is only getting bigger and tougher for the government to attain and we have an expected impass. 

As the country awaits the president’s message, many are expecting him to focus entirely on the ongoing struggle in one part of the country, but being the master of surprises, it might not be too surprising the head of states snubs the whole “Anglophone problem” in his Dec 31st speech and focus on other things like economy. In a tweet today,  the head of state hinted the economy might dominate his theme for tomorrow address especially coming at a time when CEMAC is facing serious crisis with the Francs CFA

The president tweeted calling on all Cameroonians to “view the implementation of our strategy for growth and employment as a veritable national crusade and I urge you to mobilize to ensure its success”.Referencing a full post on facebook with a link

Reading the president’s Mind: Things the president will likely address

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the most important activity of 2016 and most important achievement of this year is the nation’s successful hosting of the just ended 10th edition of the Women AFCON in Cameroon, and that would like be expected to feature strong on annual message of President Biya.


There can’t certainly be any meaningful address without talking about the economy, expects the head of state to drum his success in creating jobs over the years, grants to private schools, and the just recent summit to stabilize CEMAC currency which the head of states called a huge success and possibly avert a financial catastrophe

Fight against Boko haram

The nation has succeeded to degrade and reduce the strike power of terrorist group Boko haram and greatly reduce their potentials to attack as regularly as they did before and that is expected to feature on the president’s much awaited speech

Teachers and Lawyers strike actions:

This is certainly the most burning issue in the country at the moment with one half of the country basically paralyze academically and legally with sporadic protests in Buea,  Kumba and Bamenda which led to the arrest of many and deaths of two persons, the president will most likely spend time talking about government dialogue which is ongoing, Cameroon is a state of law and possibly a way forward as the commander in chief. One Buea city dweller says” The president should discuss nothing else but the Anglophone problem, anything apart from that is simply meaningless at this time:” A gauge at the expectations of the population in Anglophone Cameroon


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