Democracy a living reality? Massive protests grip Anglophone regions as police show unprecedented level of restraint


Activist have called and indeed once again the people answered in their numbers. Protesters took to the streets across all major tow and villages in the NW and SW regions of the country in what will certainly send worrying signals to Yaoundé and plenty of comfort to the activist demanding political reforms across and out of the country.

Images pouring in from different town show protesters carrying grasses and other resources as they marched and chants peacefully in huge crowds sizes of tens thousands  heading to different administrative offices across the regions

Protesters in the town of Buea were joined by thousand in neighboring towns and villages as they sang and marched to the office of the governor demanding political reforms.

The planned protests which has been called by antigovernment activist had been circulating on social media before today and the government had taken some measures in view of the protests with  NW regional governor Lele ‘s ban of intra-regional transportation of  in a bait to stifle demonstrations

 Police Reactions

For a force that has been heavily critics by human rights watch dog in the country and abroad for horrible human rights records following similar mounting public protests in the Anglophone regions back in December, this was a golden opportunity for the police and security forces to rebrand and help portray a friendly force to the public as the government desperately needs to save face in the international community

Their response was generally satisfactory across the towns as number of protesting groups threatened to outnumber the forces and stretch their resources with peaceful protests in almost every town

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Officers trailed the protesters and restrain from any act that might cause violence in a rare show of restraint in the country even though some few cases of violence was reported with some protesters reportedly injured in santa and Kumba

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