Dear Senator Mbella Moki, please direct your attacks on the government for failing its people not Ekema


After news broke out last week that the lord mayor of the municipality of Buea and CPDM strong man Mr. Patrick Ekema Esunge entered the famous university of Buea without possessing the appropriate basic qualifications to do so, critics have been coming from all angles and fast.

The CPDM mayor who has made more foes than friends during the last four years especially during the anglophone problem for his harsh rhetorics against striking masses and public alignment with what many see as a repressive regime, the population of his own town which is one of the places hard hit by the strike has been waiting for this kind of opportunity to feast on.

But as the news spread on social media like wild fire as human rights icon Tambe Tiku brandishes Ekema’s not so well certificates and calling authorities to bring him to book, videos of his longtime ally also gained massive attention as the former Buea mayor who is credited for transforming town of legendary hospitality is still very much revered at home

But with UB students protesting Ekema’s presence during the installation of their VC in an environment where protests are considered a taboo nonmatter the nature of it, taking that to be a prospect of a better incoming administration will be politically naïve as that rather shows mounting evident that Ekema has more enemies even from within than we thought.

But rather than focus our energy on the Buea mayor in a period when the country is facing existential crisis, the population and indeed the respected senator should save that energy and directs his critics and attack against his party and indeed the government for failing the people and keeping them in permanent state crisis for the better part of this year.

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Indeed, even the politically astute senator did acknowledge that the now incarcerated Dr Neba is a good guy who is in priosn and truth be told the revered senator has stood with the people and deviated from the CPDM mantra of one and invisible, problem free Cameroon by saying there is indeed a problem which needs to be solved.

But dear senator, if we could watch a video of you rather than attacking political foes Ekema for fraud, focus on attacking the government officials who have made state coffers their private accounts, your senate president who has neglected the anglophone people, the government which has institutionalized discrimination against the anglophone minority, the head of state who prefers to use brute force to solve existential problems, your comrade Musonge who prefers to sew division between two English speaking people of North west and South West and yet gets appointment for it, your governor for using “military” on peaceful students demonstrating and the least is endless in a country we all are supposed to have equal opportunities and rights to reach any heights that our brains can take us to.

It is only then that your good works and heart can reverberate out of the boundaries of Buea and history can certainly reserve better a cleaner chapter for you in their archives.


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  1. Fotoh Paul Ebong on

    If people enter by the backdoor and succeed in a University, then what is the need for the GCE as a prerequisite? either the GCE standards are too high for average students or the university standards are too low for average students.
    The Ekema saga is proof that all is possible in Cameroon.

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