Deadlock on all fronts: Time to hear from the president?


There are unfortunate reports coming from Bamenda and Yaounde as talks organised between government and teachers and government and lawyers respectively failed to yield any hope as striking delegation says their preconditions were not met by the government hence the strike continues. As the dialogue was ongoing in the nations capital and BAmenda, the anglophone community held its breath  as many look up to the leaders to reach much needed consensus so as to resume school and courts activities which have been grounded for three weeks and three months respectively.

What were the precondition

Both representative of teachers and lawyers had ask the government for unconditional release of all those arrested during peaceful protest  in Buea, bamenda and Kumba

they also called on the government to send back the bodies of those who died in custody for proper burial by their family members and the teachers added member delegation from the south west must be included to the talks as it was not a north west affair but an anglophone problem hence all must be involved , all which they say must be done before talks could go on.

 As they failed to reach a compromise, the government has accused the teachers of bringing forth demands which have nothing to do with education and frown at what they called :”extremist unions” who do not want dialogue, the teachers trade union has hit back at the government, saying the government has bad faith, wants ti use divide and rule and are not willing to engage in genuine dialogue.

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On their part, the lawyers says the government was ready to do implement all their recommendations except that of returning to federalism which is the cornerstone of their demands and as a result, the talks alo came crumbling with representatives of ;lawyers leaving the ,meeting and returning home leaving an uncertain future for the country and students who see their academic year in jeopardy.

Way forward

As talks failed to yield any meaningful progress, many are holding their breath in uncertainty over the immediate future as the new year approaches, but one date which might prove most useful is the December 31st, the day the head of state who had been silent on the struggle addresses the nation, the country looks up to him for solutions ad  his speech on that day will be scrutinised more than ever before, and he certainly knows that as time passes by, the options his government has are getting smaller


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