Deadlock in Bamenda meeting With Yang


The prime minister and head of government Philemon Yang had a meeting yesterday Nov 25 in Bamenda with representatives of disgruntled lawyers and teachers and members of some political parties to try to resolve an ongoing standoff that is gradually bringing to haul activities of the North West and the south-west region of Cameroon.

Despite disparaging remarks by some members of his government who says there is no Anglophone problem in Cameroon, accusing the protesters of secret agenda to destabilize the country, the subtle Premier Yang still had to travel through the bumpy Bamenda roads to meet with the protesters who have refused to hold any meeting organized in Yaoundé and insists that any meeting must be held in Buea or Bamenda.

After hours of consultation, the representative of the lawyers says “the strike continues” They, however, appreciated the beginning of such dialogue which they believe will find long lasting peace to the standoff. They also say they are ready for an enlarged meeting with the Minister of Justice.


The lawyers have been on strike for about 7 weeks, protesting what they called assimilation of the common law system by the civil law system practiced by the francophone majority and have tendered 15 points document to governed through MPs for them to be addressed before they could call off the strike and main time, the teachers have been on strike for 5 days now for similar purpose, saying the government is trying to assimilate our educational values and system.



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