CUIB Launches Admission: Why Cameroon’s lone entrepreneurial university is the top destination for students today


Ever since the catholic university institute of Buea-CUIB saw the light of day over six years ago, the elite institutions have been growing unwaveringly under the exceptional guidance of its dynamic and farsighted leader Rev Fr George Nkeze  Jingwa Ed.D

The university which has as mission to train professional servant leaders with moral and spiritual values has so far sent out three batch of students who continue to excel abroad and transform within and create jobs at home

Due to its unique philosophy, a novelty in the country which seeks to train job creators rather than job seekers in a country where finding job is a nightmare, The Entrepreneurial U as it is fondly called is simply the star of the country’s colonial education that has failed to solve the many problem faced by the country since independence.

Different batches of students of the elite university have continued to keep the legacy and international standards for the Buea based American model university, running away with all domestic awards and taking part in all competitive international programs such as YALI, SUSI and more , leaving their fellow competitors from other institutions to wonder in disbelieve the wonder of CUIB

The Catholic university Institute of Buea currently enjoys high local and international ratings, counting numerous foreign partner universities such as university of Dayton, university of St Thomas, North Carolina state university just to name these few with outstanding opportunities for their students. The university Have during the crisis has proven to be truly apolitical, keeping to the doctrine and foundations upon which the intuition was founded by Bishop Bushsu in 2010

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As the City of saints and Scholars launches its admission season, opening its door wide open to prospective students once again to benefit from American modeled four years BSC program and two years HND with outstanding scholarship opportunities at low cost the next generation of CUIB VIP as they students are adorably referred will once again enjoy the privilege of benefiting from a unique but world class education and create impacts in their society.


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