Crying PCC moderator addresses faithful: The Vatican got the bishops’ back, who got Fonki’s?


The hearing of the court case between the consortium of parents and church authorities in the south west region continued yesterday 5th June with the presence of the Bishop of the Diocese of Buea, Immanuel Bushu, Rv Fr Nougi Alex Sob and the Moderator of the PCC the right Rev Fonki Samuel.

TeboPost learned that the Bishops of Kumba and Manfe were absent but their lawyer had to explain why they were not present to the judge, according to him, they got information that the case had been adjourned when they were on their way to the court.

The highly anticipated court session was heavily guarded by the forces of law and order that had blocked all major entrances to the courts as they anticipated thousands of faithful from Catholic and Presbyterian churches to flock to the courts in support of their embattled leaders

But the highlight of the case which was again adjourned till July 24th was after the hearings when the Moderator of the PCC burst in tears as he addressed his faithful. Many have been reading plenty of meaning into why Fonki Samuel was actually in beaten to tears after the hearing and the kind of pressure the man of God and leader of Presbyterian Church in Cameroon could be in.

It’s evident that the government stands strongly behind the consortium of parents to humiliate the church for taking sides with the striking Anglophone communities and refusing to open their schools and colleges despite all government efforts for them to do so and with the judiciary in Cameroon still heavily controlled by the state the room is getting darker for the leaders.

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But as the confident looking Bushu looked very relaxed during and after the courts, he can surely count and heavily rely not only on God almighty but also boost of political assets in Vatican to directly interfere when things go tough. The leverage and commanding authority the world church commands is simply too enormous to be tormented by any government much least Cameroon and even the bishops certainly know that.

But with the PCC desperately lacking such political clout in the status of Vatican to possibly intercede on their behalf if the roads gets more rocky, the leader of the church in Cameroon certainly knows that he is in really deep waters and the PCC might not just be humiliated by the state, but might be the sacrificial lamb within the religious circle to give the government some kind of victory. But if there is one  person the PCC can heavily and confidently rely on at this point, it is their very creator-God almighty for divine assistance.


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