CPDM MPs resting home after a job terribly done at the glass house during June session


Members of Cameroon’s parliament (upper and lower house) have gone on recess after spending weeks long session in the country’s political capital in what is supposed to be scrutinizing government actions and taking the plights of their people to the government.

But as always, the case with the parliamentarian who have always prefer to respect party line than rights of the people who voted them, the spotlight, coming amidst the anglophone problem could not have been more visible especially on the lawmakers.

Apart from the SDF, through its firebrand MP and fighter Joseph Wirba who stood firm, defied odds, the speaker and even standing orders of the house to make hiscase for the entire anglophone population even though he went to the assembly with the mandate to represent only the Jakiri special constituency.

While Wirba’s exploits ironically irked many MPs and even some members of his own party for doing what many thought is a nonstarter for standing for the people whom you represent, the parliament once again stands tall to remind Cameroonians of its role-handclapping.

Many have labeled the CPDM obsessed majority and heavily dominated parliament as “rubber stamp” with MPs fun of sleeping during debates, notorious of high rate of absenteeism and for those who border to attend, they simply listen and clap through bills send forth by their party hierarchies without taking the peoples concern.

For the MPs of the ruling party who dominate parliament to have successfully followed through the entire June session without making the anglophone problem which has paralyzed one half of the country and keep many Cameroonians out of job, children out of schools and activities punctuated by frequent ghost towns, it is evident that something is really wrong with our MPs.

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While SDF MPs struggled all, they could the to make the anglophone problem the center of discussion with people like Hon. Mbah Ndam decrying taking civilians to be tried in military courts which is a violation of international law, the CPDM controlled parliament whisked off any topic with that regards and prefer to focus on clapping and endorsing one conventions or the other.

But as members of parliament especially those of the two English speaking regions goes to recess after  another failed session were they once again sadly proves to  Camerooinins that they don’t matter, history will never smile on these current generations of anglophone law makers who rather prefer on attacking their opponents our of parliament  rather than attack government for failing to see into the plights of their people


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