Connecting to heal? Internet restored in Anglophone Cameroon


The government of Cameroon has astoundingly restored internet services to the northwest and south west regions of Cameroon which has been without the vital service for 93 days now following massive strike actions by teachers and lawyers which has been ongoing for about five months now.

The restoration of the internet in the two English speaking regions comes in the backdrop of series of measures taken by the state to solve the grievances raises by the teachers and lawyers during negotiations to solve their grievances. The decision is also coming days after UN envoys called on the government to release all those arrested during the strike actions and urge government to speedily implement the measures they promise in order to solve the crisis with internet services being one of them.

The street of Buea was jubilant with call boxes filled with enthusiastic crowds who were anxious to refill their mobile phones and other gadgets to get connected to the world again after a while. Many could be heard shouting and celebrating as students went reveling in different student residential areas in Molyko to welcome the much needed tool which will help them enormously to study.

While critics have slammed the government for ceasing internet in the two English speaking regions, calling it a violation of the peoples fundamental rights, they have also called the restoration a fundamental right of the people which has been long violated. Many have however welcome there move, appreciating the government for restoring internet which has hampered many business and other activities which depends on internet from going on smoothly over the months.In a statement to restore internet, government spokesman Issa Chriroma urged citizens to be “vigilant’, “continue to nip in the bud the activities of extremists, secessionists and enemies of the Republic” as he adds that the state reserves the right to cut the internet again if misuse.The move has been seen by many as a major step forwards by the government to reconcile the disgruntled population and an attempt to end the ongoing Anglophone crisis and saves the economy millions of francs CFA.


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