Camrail Board chair and GM quits after sentencing Eseka report but why this late?


Resigning from public office is one culture that is not Cameroonian at least in public offices and major companies in the country. After the Eseka train accident in October 21 which left scores of people death and months long inquiry laid the blame squarely on the doorsteps of Cameroon’s lone railway company camrail there back in may, resignations have rolled in from the French own company and deservingly so.

After the Board chair announced his resignation this week from the helm of the company to face justice from families and victims of the train crash, many are wondering why it took so long for him to resign. Such unprecedented level of transport violation which has caused so many Cameroonians to lose their lives and many more in very bad shape could have caused a not just multiple resignations from the company just days after the crash and the Ministry of transport, but could possibly have cause political consequences if they were happening in any other country which is not Cameroon.

But given the state of the country many had simply lost hope and were waiting for some goodwill to come from Etoudi. The coming into play of Aboubakar Abbo from the Prime Minister’s office as the new Board Chairman, Morel Pierre as GM and two deputy GMs are Nkana Pondy and Ossock Michel to replace Didier Vandenbon, former board chair and  the now former Gm Hammadou Sali will certainly give some relief to victims and many Cameroonians but certainly more resignations needs to follow.\

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In a tweet on June 9th, CRTV announced the appointment of some senior officials of the corporation and did not go beyond that. But as the board chair and GM of the rail company bowed out of the stage, its high time state officials begin to understand that timely resignation from office when need arises is one of the best methods of accountability and good governance

CAMRAIL was born out of the privatisation of the Cameroon national Railways, initiated by the Cameroon Government in her economic boosting policy.

The privatisation process which took off in the month of January 1996 ended in January 1999 with the signing of a concession agreement. CAMRAIL effectively started its activities on the I st of April 1999.


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