Cameroon scores low on internet access in Africa


Cameroon has seen its already low internet access penetration rate drop from 18% to 16.5% this year according to statistics from internet live status. With less than 5 million of the country’s estimated 23 million people connected to the internet, the country lacks behind significantly in terms of both total population access to internet and penetration rate. Cameroon has to highest internet using population in the central African sub region but falls behind in second place to Equatorial Guinea in terms of penetration rate as 20.9% of the small nation has access to internet. Gabonese has 10.3%, Congo 7.5%, Chad 2.7 and CAR 4.5% penetration rate.

While South Africa, Morocco and Seychelles are some of the top countries in the continent where the internet penetration rate stand above 50%, Neighboring Nigeria remains the first in Africa with in terms of population using internet through any device with over 80 million Nigerians having access to internet but gives the giant African nation a penetration rate of 46.1%. Other countries like Ghana, Egypt and Tunisia all have better penetration rate than Cameroon.

 The 1.5% drop of internet access is likely attributed to the fact that there is no internet in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon for over a month now. China, US, India, Brazil, Japan and Russia remains the top six nations in the world in that order.


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