Cameroon is bigger than BETI: Nepotistic patriarchs who sees Cameroon only through the BETI lens are part of the problem


Association of Patriarchs in Mfoundi, Centre region of Cameroon have made their stands recently with respect to their brothers at the Kondengui prison.  In the three page documents with five signatories, the Patriarchs are calling on President Paul Biya to release their BETI brothers who are languishing in jail for embezzling State funds.

They based their arguments on the recent decision taken by President Paul Biya to release Anglophone leaders and others arrested during the Anglophone crisis.

According to the Mfoundi Patriarchs Anglophones who “burnt State emblems and destroyed properties” only benefitted from the magnanimity of the Head of State, because their crime was hideous than the BETIS who embezzled.

But putting political prisoners at par with corrupt and unpatriotic Cameroonians who have killed many Cameroonians through corruption and embezzlement of public  funds meant to carter for their wellbeing is criminal by itself

The Anglophones who were released had nothing to do with State emblems popular opinions hold that these people who had served time in prison should not have been there in the first place.

To have drawn moral equivalence between thieves and noble Cameroonians who did nothing   wrong but protest and demand for their constitutional rights of equity and fairness which for the large part has been denied by the BETI people is telling of how enshrined is this current Anglophone problem

.If huge sums of money had not gone to private pockets, the roads in Bamenda would have been tarred; intermittent power failure would have been history, children study in good class rooms, drink portable water there would have been jobs and perhaps this whole crisis would have been avoided

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.If the socio-economic life was better, Mancho Bibixy, the coffin revolutionist will not be in jail, because there would be nothing to ask for.

But just a few BETI have embezzled almost the budget of Cameroon for one fiscal year leaving and their Patriarchs are today asking for their release. The same people who have brought the country on its knees do not deserve release.

CNA is of the opinion that their assets be seized and reimburse in the public treasury and all those calling for their release arrested and jail for supporting corruption, embezzlements contrary to the preaching of President Paul Biya on need for rigor, morality and integrity.

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