Calm returns to Kumba after deadly clashes between police and protesters


There is report of an uneasy calm that has return to the town of Kumba, South west biggest town after clashes yesterday with protesters and security forces which left two persons reportedly death. The inhabitants of the chief town of Meme had taken to the streets as strike actions sweeps Anglophone Cameroon with deathly clashes reported in Bamenda just one day before.

reports says protesters were embarking on peaceful march when the clash with security forces who have been heavily criticize during the past month for their heavy handedness on armless protesters and killings of innocent Cameroonians in Bamenda  during intervene to stop them from marching

There are reports of uneasy calm has life gradually returns to normal with heavy re-enforcement of security forces in every corner of the town to prevent further escalation. Cameroons English speaking regions of South West and northwest region have been gripped by protests organized by lawyers and teachers for weeks now as the predominantly English speaking part of the country has been grounded following deadly clashes which have led many death. Rights groups have complain of human rights violations of security forces while there remains an impasse on possible solutions to the ongoing conflicts as demands’ keep increasing by the day while the government considers some of their demands impossible

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