CAF launches soft coup against Cameroon: Plans to strip the country of hosting rights with cynical decision


The Confederation of African football CAF under its new leadership, Madagascar born Ahmad Ahmad has concluded their general congress in Morocco where the continental body concluded on a number of decisions aimed at improving on the future of the game

The CAF executives who are eager to stamp their authority on the continent’s game after more than 20 years of stewardship by Cameroonian born Issa Hayatou, concluded on moving the games from January to June every after two years and the increase the number of participating country from 16 to 24.

While moving the tournament to June will give more players who ply their trade in Europe time to take part in the tournament without affecting their clubs, critics say the continent have finally bow to pressure from richer European club who had decry the timing of the competition in January for losing key players, an argument the former administration had always defended on the timing saying they won’t be pushed around by foreigners
But amongst all the decisions taken at the just ended CAf congress, the most controversial of it all is the timing to move the competition from 16 to 24 teams-just one year and six months before Cameroon host the tournament which they won the hosting rights for 16 teams

Empowered by Morocco and Algeria who have all shown interest and stand ready with available infrastructure to dethrone cameroon of her hosting rights, the novice CAF boss boast of the fact that if a country is not ready they will not host, probably referring the cameroon as the country struggles to come to terms with a wrong and cynical political decision taken by the new CAF man which goes against every thing which is right.

While the country will be ready and is well on course to host the 16 country tournament, CAF’s latest decision to suddenly expand the teams to 24 at short notice is a clear violation of law and a soft coup the deprive the country the right to host the enlarge competition as major infrastructure to meet these new sudden demands might not be met on time.

While it’s no secret that Madagascan born Ahmad Ahmad and Cameroonian born and former CAF boss Hayatou are not best of friends, critics say the decision is probably a pay back by the current CAF boss against the former Hayatou for withdrawing the hosting rights for Madagascar to host the U17 tournament back in January 2017.
But it will but politically naïve for the Madagascan to think he can humiliate continents football powerhouse like Cameroon as the country’s football cloud and leverage around the world is compared to non in the continent. Any attempt by the new CAF administration to humiliate this football great nation and 5 times holder of AFCON will be a self-inflicting wound and will only lead to one thing, the dead of the game in the continent.


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