Burnings, obliterations and dead threats on the rise across Anglophone regions as the state looks helpless: The government has to do more to protect her citizens and properties


For the past few months, the Anglophone crisis which started in November 2016 has gradually but surely takes other dangerous dimensions. With intensified “anti-back to school;” activist who believes all those arrested must be released amongst other things before schools can resume. But while government and other home base activist campaign vigorously for back to school without any precondition, some outlaws within the population seem to have taken matters in their own hands.

Unidentified groups have been carrying out burning of state and private properties especially schools week in and out in order to deter administrators and parents from sending their kids back to school in an effort to “kill” yet another academic year

While every week we continue to see lamentable images of schools and different buildings in flames in North West and South West regions, government inability to apprehend those responsible for these gruesome atrocities against the state and its people have been alarming and concerning to all right thankful person.

While those who opined to the idea that schools and students should not be used for political tools and they be allowed to go to schools have seen their images red-crossed and brandished on Facebook as traitors against the people, the situations seem to have taken a different t tone as destruction seem to be the order of the day with the state looking helpless amides multiple attacks

While the state continue to battle with the insecurity, sending fire fighters and officers of the law to meet already burned buildings in an efforts to save them and continue to secure some of the key infrastructure in urban areas like Buea, Limbe, kumba, Bamenda, those in the villages remain at risk and remains   the collective responsibility of us all to guard and protect these properties against vandals who might want to destroy them

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No matter the reasons we cannot afford to be seen in the 21st century to burned schools when the entire world is fighting to ensure their citizens receive the best kind of education to be competitive in the global stage


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