Buea: Town gradually returns to normal after historic day of protests that shocked many


The population of the town of Buea as indeed other neighboring towns is waking up to a new reality. The Town of legendary hospitality has just spoken and their message could not be louder

More than 10 000 youths took to the streets in massive protests that over powered security forces, shocked administrative officials and left Yaoundé authorities in disbelieve, but yet gave plenty of satisfaction to the campaigners who had called the strike to coincide with the president’s address at the United Nations.

The momentum has been building on social media and very few could predict the outcome of yesterday; historic protests as the town of Buea and other major towns in Anglophone Cameroon has never witness tat amount of protests which was largely peaceful

Tebopost can confirm that at least 3 persons were killed during the protests with two of them killed by administrative officers and one by armed security forces

But as the town of Buea gradually wakes up to witness the scars of the massive protests yesterday with streets littered with broken bottle, stones and damaged buildings and burnt cars in what was meant to be a peaceful strike, many will be wondering what the future holds of the Anglophone community as many parents are losing confidence of the future.

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