Buea hosts the next strike action by Anglophone lawyer


The historic town of Buea today hosts the planned strike actions of Anglophone lawyers amidst heavy police and Gendarmerie deployment after Bamenda. The strike actions which has been going on for weeks now (silently) is gradually transforming into a revolution as many are beginning to sympathize with the men of the law as police teargas them despite the fact that they are exercising their constitutional right of peaceful protest to get their voice heard by the power that be.
According to Facebook posts from an account said to belong to the Anglophone lawyers, they have faced fierce resistance the from the forces of law and order including the Rapid Intervention forces of the nation and had to change strategy to stage the strike action in neighboring Muyuka as pictures surfaced online earlier today, showing injured members of the striking core following scuffles with the police.
The situation has left many wondering and generates an avalanche of criticism online from Cameroonians who say if the government can treat such educated and respected class of people in the society with such heavy-handedness, people who are supposed to interpret the law, then our “democracy” is certainly at a crossroad. We hope that dialogue will certainly trump oppression and peace will reign.


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