Breaking: Osih breaks the silence, denounces CRTV for fake news adding “the country is no longer governable”


In his interview with CRTV Cameroon calling this morning Sunday 20th August 2018, the SDF’s vice national chairman and Member of Parliament Hon. Joshua Osih railed against government for the poor handling of the “Anglophone crisis”

The defiant SDF firebrand, says the government of Cameroon is unable to “bring simple solution’ to the problems raised by Cameroonians, adding that the state keeps using CRTV funded by tax payers to tell lies to the people

Hon Osih also added that sending government delegations abroad to make money and fill their accounts does not solve the problem as he says government should discuss with the 22 million Cameroonians home rather than running abroad to discuss with selected

Asked if the mission foreign mission abroad by ministers was successful, Osih said it was in the sense that the delegations members made enough money for foreign allowance as Prof Elvis Ngole Ngole says the outcome of outing which had as main goal to” inform and explain” could only be explain by the head of his delegations as he believes in hierarchy

responding to secessionist calls around and out of the country, the SDF chieftain says he will be the last Cameroonian who will want to see Cameroon partition but that does not mean people should not be allowed to express themselves

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  1. Na foolish man. Make them Waka. We Don wise already. Ahead we go. Fight for freedom and a nation where discrimination and embezzlement are answered. Not some funny story telling land. But a land where milk and honey shall be the order of day. Long live Ambaland.

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