Breaking: Elections of 2018 is a dream- SDF’s Joseph Mbah Ndam


Speaking on phone to CRTV’s weekly magazine program Cameroon Calling, the veteran SDF member of parliament and vice speaker of the national Assembly cum legal adviser of his party Hon. Mbah Ndam reprimand the government for what he says they are talking of elections in 2018 when two regions in the country is in a state of “crisis”

The SDF scribe who was speaking in the slot cross views, decried the lack reforms at elecam which he says, “has refused to carry out any reforms since 2013” when the last elections were held with the introduction of single ballot still a far dream amongst others.

The Hon. MP continued his ferocious attack on the government for brandishing the UN coming to help in organizing the multiple elections in 20018 as a semblance of good relations as cheap talk, citing multiple ghost towns in different parts of the country which has crumbled business render many Cameroonians who are already in a dire state even worse

He talks of the fact that; the country has violated so many charters of the United nations which they are member body not least trying civilians to military courts which the UN “holds so dear”

The MP from the chief opposition part reiterated his party calls for national dialogue to solve the anglophone problem

 Cameroon will be holding multiple elections next year with the presidential, parliamentary, mayoral and senatorial elections all in viewed in a very charged presidential calendar in the upcoming year.

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