Beyond the Sexual Assault: The silent lesson learned from the Epie Video


The Video which has been making rounds on different social media sites online where a boy whose name we got as Epie and his face did not appear in the video is assaulting a young girl for allege defrauding him of a meager some of just over 2500 frs has sparked all kind of controversy on social might be safe to say that, this particular incident has been the most trending topic on social media in this country after the Anglophone problem

While many Cameroonians have united in one voice to condemn in the strongest possible terms such unacceptable attitudes in the 21st century, it is the way the video had been circulated that has been sickening and begs for restrain.

Many people have been sharing the video in different what Sapp and Facebook groups, the video which defiles the very sanctity of a woman through which all of us came to this world and goes a long way to portray men  in the most inhuman way. Sharing of the video from a loser and low life like Epie does nothing to promote the cause to fight violence against women, but rather helps the marginalized the victims while helping the aggressor attain his selfish and devilish goals of humiliating the poor girl

Social media experts and media professional will confirm that it is not everything that makes news that the images and/or videos are worth showing for public consuming because in one way or the other, we might be guilty ignorantly of advancing the course of people like Epie and other extremists around the world who keeps using social media on a daily basis t perpetuate harm and cause mayhem and killings to people around the globe


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