Ben Akih to Cameroonians in South Africa: Boycott visit of the leadership imposed on you!


Recognizing the dilemma in which SCACUF finds itself, Mr. Ayuk Tabe follows the path of many self-promoting leaders of the confused struggle. He is heading to South Africa to wine and dine with dreamers who are removed from the suffering on the ground. The ever zealous secessionists have announced his visit as if it were the visit of a head of state.

By referring to Mr. Ayuk Tabe as “His Excellency“, one is siding with the separatists and therefore becomes indirectly implicated in the destabilization of our country. This is risky and dangerous. We prefer to advise people ahead of time so that they can avoid implicating themselves unnecessarily.

So, Cameroonians in South Africa and South Africans of Cameroonian origin:

1. Boycott public meetings with Mr. Ayuk Tabe. He represents an outlawed secessionist organization and those seen in public meetings of such organization will likely be treated by Cameroonian intelligence as secessionists. Stay away from cameras and microphones!

2. Do not refer to him as His Excellency in your writings or spoken statements about him. It is similar to point 1 above.

3. No donations, please! While SCACUF was still engaged in legal procedures, it was understandable to us that people can donate as far as they do not preach violence. By designating a leader, even though they hide behind the name of Chairman, SCACUF is posing as a belligerent nation dividing along the lines of Friend-Enemy with the central government classified as representing an enemy nation. Our assessment is valid as long as Mr. Ayuk Tabe tacitly accepts the title of interim president or the address “His Excellency”. They know that legal procedures are headed no way and they may now edge toward what belligerent nations do – war.

But clearly, there won’t be a Southern Cameroons any time soon. Save yourself any future trouble at a Cameroonian airport: Stay away from Mr. Ayuk Tabe and hold your purse tight!

Our school campaign continues. It is the greatest mark of cowardice by SCACUF and others to hang onto school boycott as their only victory for close to a year of this confusion. They have nothing to show for the huge sacrifice people have paid in Cameroon. September 4th is the historical date to end this drunken-sailing and self-harm.

One Cameroon in Peace and Unity
Ben Akih on behalf of
English Cameroon for a united Cameroon
July 28, 2017


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