Ben Akih on the real dilemma for NW and SW residents: “Use arms to leave or Remain and improve our conditions”.


These visions are best represented by Dr. Ebenezar Akwanga and Dr. Ben Akih. The rest are confused and jumping from one thing to the next, making personal gains but hurting the masses.

1. Some people are confused about where the struggle is and where it is heading. But most are waiting for October 1st to bring forth a miracle like that at Pentecost. Note this: nothing will happen to make October 2nd different.

2. There are only two truly contesting visions for the two regions: Either assert your self-declared right to leave by taking up arms or remain and constructively contribute to improve the country.

3. The “use arms to leave” camp is most accurately represented Dr. Ebenezar Akwanga. We respect his principled secessionist position but absolutely reject it, partly because of our aversion to civil war and partly because of our desire to preserve our cherished heritage.

4. The “remain and improve” camp is more actively represented in this forum through the voice of Ben Akih, so the true dilemma might be called the Akwanga-Akih crossroads.

5. The rest of the Ambazonian groups, including the SCACUF leadership are confused; the most confused of them are Mr. Tassang Wilfred and Mr. AyukTabe. They jump from lawsuit to diplomacy and onto protests without results.

6. So, given this background, where do you fall? What are your hopes for October 1st?
6.1. If you align with Akwanga’s vision, where is your gun? Oh, you have a rubber gun! If you don’t have a gun or rubber gun, don’t even ask where one can find one because just asking might make you a guest in a dark room. Akwangan Ambazonians know too well not to expect independence on October 1st.
6.2. If you want independence but without a war, you’re lying to yourself. It is very important that you don’t build your life around October 1st. Nothing is going to happen. A few media comments here and there but nothing is going to happen.
6.3. If your views align with Akih who favors remaining and improving Cameroon, then all you need to do is tell people about the two options and how repulsive the other two are. You don’t think much October 1st because it will be a day like any other in Cameroon, except that people might be a bit happier because of month end. The confused leaders will be even more confused when more students go to school – ghost towns and school boycott are their only mark of victory.

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Use arms to leave or Remain and improve? The choice is yours, all others are not available, sorry . Even if you’re Akwanga Ambazonian, don’t hold back your children, send them to school. He would tell you as much – if you can’t buy a gun, then send your child to school. In contrast, we tell to send your child to school and don’t dare asking about gun because you’d be arrested sooner or later.

One Cameroon in Peace and Unity!
Ben Akih on behalf of
English Cameroon for a united Cameroon
September 11, 2017


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